HMI overview

We design and manufacture intelligent interface solutions and control panel assemblies for dedicated vertical markets. Our HMI business, operating under the Stadium IGT brand, has provided expertise in design, manufacture and distribution to the global electronics industry for over 30 years.

What we do

We provide a complete design and build solution to major system manufacturers in the Marine, Aviation, Rail, Medical, Broadcast, Industrial and Point of Sale industries.

A market leaders established over 30 years, we are committed to the development of innovative interface solutions. These include fully customised HMI control assemblies, touchscreens, capacitive switching, integral RFI screening, membrane keypads and the latest technology in capacitive touch screens and capacitive switch control panels with thin film backlighting with LED illumination.


Our journey began as a leader in industrial graphic technologies production and we have evolved through being at the forefront of HMI development working with OEMs to develop their next generation interface and control panel solutions. Originally operating as IGT Industries the
company was acquired by Stadium Group in 2012 and renamed Stadium IGT. In 2013 we developed our patented Thin Film Backlighting technology and have since went on to design and develop leading capacitive switch solutions including standard illumination switch models.

HMI Expertise

We are a proven innovative and responsive design and manufacturing partner, committed to providing an outstanding service and quality interface solution. With in-depth design expertise in hardware, software, and system Integration we have established an unrivalled track record in developing new techniques and processes including capacitive switching, thin film backlighting and membrane keypads.

A combination of UK and offshore manufacturing, operating to ISO9001 standards, enables us to provide both rapid turn-round prototyping and low-cost volume manufacturing.

HMI Challenges

Do you have uneven or poor quality illumination in your control panel?
Our patented thin film backlighting technology can isolate illumination giving an array of options to enhance or define products from flashing sequences to animated colour changes. Speak to us today for a no obligation consultation, to book a demonstration with our unique technology demo kit or learn more about our ‘secret until lit’ solutions.
Do you want to reduce space and weight whilst not compromising functionality?

Our typical control panel thickness is 2mm, providing a slim line solution that retains your HMI switching requirements. Our design engineers can also reduce the complexity in your product assembly with specialist knowledge of HMI designs in a wide range of industry applications from rail to medical.

Do you need a HMI solution that combines more than one type of switch technology?

We specialise in the design and manufacture of complex and innovative HMI solutions with specialist knowledge in the integration of hardware such as touch screens, membrane panels, embedded solutions, joysticks and rubber keypads. We can design and supply a sub-assembly or a complete fully tested ‘plug and play’ unit.

Are you looking for innovative interface features to stay ahead of your competition?

In partnership with Design LED, Stadium IGT have developed and patented Thin Film LED Backlighting technology. The technique can isolate illumination giving an array of options to enhance or define products from flashing sequences to animated colour changes. The solution can be used in intelligent interface control panels and or illumination panels.

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Does your interface or display need to withstand harsh or hazardous environments?

Stadium IGT’s capacitive touch technology can be projected onto the reverse of several different types and thicknesses of front cover material. These include glass, polyester, polycarbonate and others. This means assemblies can be made extremely robust, waterproof and vandal resistant. They have a high optical transparency are easy to clean and have no moving parts.

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Are you looking to reduce cost in your design or build?

Stadium IGT can provide low/medium manufacture in the UK or medium/high volumes from our wholly owned Asia facilities. As part of a £50m electronic technologies group – Stadium Group Plc – we have access to globally competitive supply chain. We can simplify our customer’s procurement and logistics management by reducing their supplier base and time to market.